Kodi of SarasotaDog.com

Let me say first that it’s by God’s Grace that I have been blessed with the gift to communicate and comfort animals in need.

God blesses each of us with a gift; a special gift unique to us. This isn’t a sunday school lesson, this is my life, my story

Looking back, I recall at a very young age how I loved to be outside, laying in the grass and looking to the heavens, watching the clouds form in to teapots, baby elephants, trains and such. And always in awe of the trees and the birds gracefully flying against the blue sky. This is when I began to realize I could hear the animals and they could hear me too because we were having conversations!

Growing up in a home where no one else had ever expressed or fessed up to having such gifts didn’t make it easy for me as a little girl to explain the conversations I just had with the birds outside. Not that I didn’t try.

Needless to say I began to stifle myself having been told that no such thing had ever happened until many years later when I could no longer keep this to myself. I began to say a little something here and there careful not to freak anyone out too much or myself for that matter!

And so the rest is history. In the years since I’ve had the privilege of working with many wonderful animals, Shelter Animals, Search and Rescue Dogs, Therapy Animals, Zoo Animals, Loving Faithful Pets, Big Animals and Small, Chatty and Quiet along with each of their caretakers. And I’ve had some pretty amazing convos with the wildlife along the way as well.

It has taken many years to write this little bit on my About Me page because I really never knew how to say it for fear of offending someone but it is what it is.

. How is your story coming along?  


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lori:

    I like what you have done with this site. It is a great start and I can see where it can expand into so many other directions. Great job!! Especially since computers and programs are not your background or training. I guess you have a little birdie you are communicating with that is telling you what to do and how to do it:)

    Have a fabulous evening!

  2. Hi,
    Where will you be next?
    I saw you last weekend and you met my dog/child Taco!
    My sister would like to have a session with you.


  3. Hi Brooke! Yes, I remember you and Taco. How is little Taco man :e)
    That’s terrific – Thank you for the referral.
    I’m not booked for any public events till next month. Let’s get together and talk about some of the options we can have though. I look forward to seeing you and Taco again and meeting with your sister.
    Take Care,

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