Help ME!

Fotolia_1349647_XS[1] dog in carThis was heart wrenching for me to feel, to hear and to see as this particular dog showed me. It’s heart wrenching for me to write. It’s heart wrenching for you to read. It was horrifying for the dog.

Because of my ability to communicate with animals, I have seen first hand just how awful it is for a dog to die in a hot car. It happens so quickly, you can’t imagine. It’s horribly scary for them as they’re gasping for air, barking & crying for help but no-one is coming all the while jumping up and down to get out of the car.  The heart beats fiercely in the chest as the pounding sound in their little head becomes louder –MOM —–DAD ——What’s happening! Where are you!?  barking —  barking —- calling for help…….. until……….silence……

With out a doubt, it’s tragic for all involved but I think even more heart breaking is the fact that it’s never done intentionally or maliciously. We love our pets, they are just like our children and in some cases, they are our children so to harm or hurt them is un-imaginable.

We want to take our pets everywhere we go but as we’re running in and out of this store and that store we quickly loose track of time. It may feel like only a minute or two but in reality, it’s longer than just a couple minutes. Please, leave your pet at home if you have stops to make during your outing – they will lick you for it when you return home!

I wish you lots of happy and healthy fun with your pets this summer! Make it a safe one. To read more on the risk factors of heat exhaustion click here.


Too many of our loved ones, human and furry, suffer from this crippling disease. We can make a difference one step at a time. Come join in the fun and bring your dog too! Pawprint Essentials has put together a team “Pawprint Pals” for the Arthritis/ARF-ritis walk on May 21, 2009.

Here’s how to sign up for the walk or – if you can’t make it to the walk but would like to donate – any thing you can give is meow-velous! (have to include the kitties too! ) Stop by my booth – I’d love to say hello and cheer you on!!


Volunteers are a vital part of any organization dependent upon public donations in order to achieve their mission. Volunteers are intelligent, passionate and giving individuals who take time out of their busy lives to work, for free, for the organization of their choosing. Thank goodness for volunteers!!

Several vendors in our animal welfare community decided to come together to honor our fabulous volunteers but we ask for your help once again to pull this off – if you know anyone who has made a difference in the lives of animals then please print off several nomination forms and start filling them out. There are so many fabulous volunteers in this community that I expect we will see truck loads of nomination forms rolling in any time now For the Love of Animals 2009 event. Not only will this be a night for volunteers, proceeds will  benefit several animal welfare organizations in our community. Please look for the June/July issue of Sarasota Pet for more information on this exciting event.