Food for Thought

Sam & Chia (food for thought)First, let me start by saying my intention is not to tell you never to eat meat again or to turn you away from eating meat, man has been eating meat for centuries. However; my hope is to bring a little closer to the fore-front the treatment of animals we use for consumption.  There has to be a better way! I realize we can’t ask the world to stop eating meat,  eggs or cheese, etc… but we can certainly change the process to be at least humane.

You’ve heard of the saying – “garbage in-garbage out” As you will read I experienced it myself and truly believe it to be so. It was a typical Saturday for me, running here and there to my appointments . In-between  appointments I blew through a drive thru to grab a quick bite to eat. It smelled so good and I was so hungry, I took a bite and began to chew………I was overwhelmed with an awful feeling in the pit of my  stomach.  Instantly I felt this animal’s horrific misery  suffered during her short little life. I took the food out of my mouth (sorry for the snapshot) and put it down with the rest of my order, told her how sorry I was for her, wrapped it back up, threw it away and to this day can not eat meat. 

We may choose not to see these animals as living breathing creatures of this earth or choose to believe they have no sense of pain, suffering or understanding, the fact remains, they are, and, they do! We’ve all seen the footage, in many processing  plants, they are  treated horribly, many endure  great pain and some even sick. So now they’ve been processed and ready for eating – where do you  suppose all that negative energy goes? Right into our bodies! 

What can I do? How can I possibly change this? If you’re asking yourself these questions then I have to answer with another question. How do we create any other change in this country? We stand together. Because until we do that, nothing will change. Maybe we choose to cut back on the amount of meat/eggs we eat.  We can choose to eat the “free range” products. True, they are a little more expensive  but the benefits far out weigh the dollar value when you think of what you’re putting into your body. All I’m asking is to keep it in mind the next time you go shopping – give it a try. Most stores have a “green” section now, it’s a minor little adjustment in how you buy is all.

Are you hungry for change?  I was afraid to click  “watch the trailer” but was pleasantly surprise at how tastefully it was done!  A movie I will want to see.