Hurricane Preparedness

wheres my jammies mickiIt’s time once again to put together your hurricane preparedness kits for you and your animals. I’ve included a few links that may help with locating a shelter that will accommodate you and your pets in Florida and what to put in your pets hurricane kits.

For those of you with thunder phobic pups (this is a new development in our home) make sure you have your Thunder Shirt, updated leashes and collars and Rescue Remedy. (if you know something that works better than Rescue Remedy please share)

We have a very recent development in our home. Micki, our little Safe Haven Rescue girl is a very sweet and VERY smart little girl but has always been a bit shy and fearful and still after 2 years jumps with any sudden movement or loud noise. If anyone remembers the little hail storm we had about a week ago or so in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, that’s the storm that sent her into a tail spin.

We don’t have a Thunder Shirt yet but for now I ask if she wants to put her jammies on (it’s really her sweater) and of course the answer is always Yes! And we are now using Rescue Remedy. Just few drops on both front paws seem to be very helpful.  You can usually find Rescue Remedy for Dogs in your local health food store. I know Whole Foods carries it.

Also, Oscar, our little Yorkie boy isn’t very patient with Micki when the storms begin and she becomes frantic, which is going to be a little worrisome due to the fact they kennel (crate) together in the same Ex-pen and have done so from day one. Another Ex-pen I’m thinking! Why I bring it up; it’s something for you to consider especially if you have bigger dogs, weather your home or away from home. That is a situation that can quickly get out of control.

I would also encourage you to update your collars and leashes. I did see a Thunder Leash that I thought was a very good thing. You most certainly do NOT want your pup to spook and get away from you in any circumstance especially in bad weather.

Be Prepared….Be Safe during this hurricane season. I have seen firsthand the sadness of displaced pets and their owners in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Just to recap: Thunder Shirt, Rescue Remedy, updated leashes and collars and a clear path to their favorite ‘safe’ place in the home (if you’re home is safe enough to stay in during a hurricane) and check out the other items that should be in your pets hurricane kit.

Florida Emergency Shelters that accommodate pets

What to put in your Pets Hurricane Kits (has information for other small animals, Birds, Reptiles, Hamsters)

Thunder Shirts 

Rescue Remedy for Dogs

Emergency Equine Evacuation Information

I live in Florida so the links reflect that but you can Google information for pet and large animal hurricane preparedness in your state.