“An Animal’s Eyes Have The Power To Speak A Great Language”  ~  Martin Buber 

When I’m working with all the beautiful animals and the fabulous people who love them I’m so focused on my work that I never think to ask for a testimonial so when someone sends me a testimonial it is very precious. It’s also heartwarming and gratifying to know the work we do is helping so many.

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Hi Lori

Let me start by saying that our Brandy is still doing great since your visit

We have a total of 8 dogs.  Mom had 5 and I have 3 which we brought together to make one happy pack after the deaths of my father and husband.  Brandy is a 4 year old beautiful blond Yorkie.  She is always racing around the house and yard.  One of these runs around the yard caused her to throw her back a little off and suddenly she was squealing through the house.  Brandy had never experienced pain more than her annual shots.  I quickly picked her up and got in the car to run her to the vet.  Our vet checked her back and pressed on her spine which caused extreme pain.  Keep her from running (yeah right) and give her Rimadil was the order.

Brandy had a very noticable personality change.  She had a terrified look in her eyes all the time and would shake with fear.  This went on for almost 2 months until I coukdn’t stand it anymore.  I felt so bad for this normally happy go lucky loving little girl.  We tried everything to reassure her and let her know she was okay but nothing helped.

Then I broke down and found a way to contact you.  I had seen you at pet fairs in the area but my skeptacism wouldn’t allow me to spend the money on something that had no science behind it.  So I called you and told you Brandy’s problem.  We set up an appointment for you to come see her the next day.

When you arrived you began communicating not only with Brandy but the other 7 dogs apparently had things to tell you.  You started saying things about our dogs there was no way you could have known.  Things that no one other than my mom and I knew.  I mean very particular, individual to each dog personality things.  I think the kicker was when you spoke about Buddy the Chocolate lab who had passed more than a year before.  That was freaky.

Mom and I were almost going to cancel your appointment because Brandy had begun to come around a little after I spoke to you the day before.  We couldn’t explain the change.  Then we watched her as your visit went on and Brandy was acting like nothing was wrong.  Acting as she was before the back injury.  We felt like we were loosing our minds.When we mentioned it to you you said that you began your communication with Brandy after we ended our phone conversation.  That explains it.

I am not an automatic believer in all things unexplained unless I see it with my own eyes.  What happened to cause the real terror in my dog was true but we watched and waited more than 60 days.  I am convinced you were able to help her with the special gift you have when no medication or other person could.  Your visit to our home was over a year ago and Brandy is a happy loving Yorkie who hasn’t had any reoccurance of the terrified fear that really had us concerned.

I don’t know how you do it but we are so grateful for your help and ability to help pets and the people who love them.  We love you,

Yorkie Kisses to you,

Lori, i know this us rather long but I had alot to say.  You can cut it and edit if you need to.  Thank you


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This is the real thing.  I will admit I was cautious about actually believing that someone could actually communicate with animals this way.  But Lori Michel changed all of that.  I could write a very long list of situations that simply astonished me, but I will just stick to a few.   Lori worked with my Search and Rescue dog, Tampa, and opened a lot of doors when it came to understanding why he was reacting to things in a certain way.   Most recently, she helped me find my shelter adopted dog, Raja, after she jumped the fence and ran off.  It was dark and cold outside.   Lori had met Raja several times, and could actually feel where she was.  And she was right!   I got my baby home safely.
So for the skeptics out there, open your mind and give it a try.  I did.  And it is working for me and my dog family.   By the way ….. I met Lori in Florida, and now live in Pennsylvania.  She communicated with my lost dog from that far away.   I believe that is nothing short of amazing.   Love you Lori!   Keep up your incredible work.
Christie Fletcher
Certified K-9 Trainer, PRSAR


 We have had Lori do several readings for us:
Our first experience was after a very emotional loss of our 22 year old kitty.  Lori helped so much for me to heal and know that “Shadow” was were he needed to be.  The topics she touched on no one else could have ever known, only “Shadow”.  We went from laughing to crying. It was such an amazing experience for our entire family.

Our most recent reading was after we adopted a rescue dog (Ellie). Ellie was painfully shy and we felt Lori would be the one to help her.  She uncovered things that bothered Ellie and things that even sparked her appetite.  Ellie is now coming out to play and eating much better. Once again, Lori was right on the money.  In our eyes, Lori is angel in disguise blessed with a wonderful gift that helps the creatures we hold so close to our hearts.

The Hardin Family


To say that Lori Michel can communicate with the animals doesn’t tell the whole story. Lori can get inside their heads. Twice I have had her read for my dogs, once before my Jessie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and once after. Although while Jessie was not very verbal while she was alive, she was much more communicative after she passed. She is happy and comfortable where she is and she visits Junior. She is with John and Jasper and is fine and not to worry. Junior on the other hand, talked to Lori both times. He asked about things which had never crossed my mind. One of which was ice cream. My mother has always fed her dogs a little dish of vanilla ice cream. I have never fed my dogs ice cream. But Junior asked about having ice cream like the other dog. He now loves his Frosty Paws. He also told her about chasing the water hose and falling in the pool. There is simply no way she could have known about these experiences unless I had told her. Jasper, a dog I used to have that passed over 10 years ago told Lori to tell me to get another playmate for Junior so he wouldn’t turn mean. Lori would have no idea Jasper was a mean dog unless I had told her that and she explained that once they had entered the spirit world, their personalities would be different. Like Jasper knew he shouldn’t have been mean and didn’t want Junior to turn out that way. I continue to be amazed at the things my dogs are telling her and she is right on the money. Any questions, anything at all you might want to know she has the ability to do it



Lori: You are priceless! I want to thank you for doing the reading on my ferrets during a life threatening time. Bessie, my baby girl, was so sick last weekend that she almost died. The closest vet that specializes in ferrets, on a Sunday, is all the way in Tampa. When I got there they were surprised she was alive. I was so afraid, having her at a strange vet so far away and I could not check up on her. I had you talk with her. She told you what was bothering her and I told the vet. To this day they are not sure what caused her to get so sick so quickly, but the problem seemed to be her intestines, which is what you had told me she said. To get her mind off of things while she was lying there at the vets you asked her to tell you the funniest story about her brother, my other ferret, Herbie. She told you that Herb fell out of the hammock and all the way down to the bottom of the cage and she thought it was hilarious. You said she then had the cutest laugh, which I will never hear. You told me the story and I was amazed. The day before Bessie got so sick she was sleeping in the hammock. I saw Herb climb into the cage and get into the hammock to be with her. I heard the material start to tear when he got in and before I could get to the cage it ripped apart and Herb fell to the bottom. Bessie was in the other corner and just laid there looking. Nobody could have known about that except me and the ferrets. I was glad to know that you got her to laugh while the vets were working on her to stay alive. She is now home with her brother, doing well and they are very happy. You have talked to them both several times since her return and I have piece of mind knowing what they are thinking, feeling and trying to tell me. I have been telling everyone I know, with animals, to call you! Thanks again for everything!



Boy, you have Tyson described to a T!!!!! He loved the sun, sometimes he wanted to just lay out in the yard and he always wanted to walk. Yup, he liked the light rain too, wouldn’t go out if it was raining but he would go out in the drizzle and then wait to be toweled off, often rubbing his butt up into the towel. Yes! Candy! He was a chocoholic! Whenever Bob ate Hershey kisses he wanted some. Bob would put 4 or 5 in his pocket daily and go sit at the computer. Tyson would nudge his pocket until Bob would give him a bite of one. He loved them! Bob and I have had a chance to talk without crying since Tyson’s sudden passing. Going over everything that has happened recently to see if we missed any signs of illness; (Of course every person does this with sudden death) we know this has been coming on for months to years slowly. And we did notice he was breathing heavy for the last couple of months. But, he is older and it is hot etc. etc. Anyway, do you remember when you came to me during obedience class and told me he was upset? Something happened and he was really upset about it. I’m thinking it was either June 23rd or 30th. Anyway, we are thinking something different happened to him at that time regarding his heart. Maybe, he barked at something and it triggered a pain or whatever. But, that is about the time we noticed his heavy breathing. He was never out of breath nor did he tire easily. We just noticed heavier breathing since that time. When I came home, I did not notice anything different. He came out of the bedroom because I woke him up from a nap, which was usual stuff. He acted totally fine. Just wanted you to know that we think that was a significant thing that happened to him and you were the first one to pick up on it. It was since that time that we noticed he was different due to what we thought was typical aging. After all he is close to 10 years old and he needed to slow down anyway. Anyway, just a big Thank You for everything. Your keen sense is amazing. I think you even say things and your not sure of why. But there is a reason why. So keep listening to yourself. It is all very important. Thank you,



Lori Michel has a wonderful gift! She came to my home and spoke to my painfully shy cat, Hobbes, and gave us great insight into his past and his mind. We implemented several of the suggestions she and Hobbes had and he’s been a much happier boy since. I highly recommend Lori, especially if you don’t know your cat’s origins. Knowing their past can go a long way to making their future happy.

Sue & Tom


Hi Lori,

I just wanted to let you know that Hobbes is a new, happy, playful and energetic cat all thanks to you! We’ve started giving him B Complex shots once a month (possibly more often if necessary), and the results are stunning!!! He plays for hours every day, chasing toy mice with his tail straight up in the air!

Thanks for helping to make our boy so happy and healthy.

Sue & Tom



I wanted to end the day by telling you how much you moved my husband and me.  Not to make you feel bad, but we go from laughing to absolute bawling.  How incredible the evening was.  You are so blessed to have such a gift; an angel in disguise.

Paul & Renee

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