What Is…

 As An Animal Communicator, I Am Often asked what is an Animal Communicator and how does it work? 

An Animal Communicator has the ability to converse with animals without speaking aloud. This is called telepathy. For me, being an Animal Communicator is acting as the bridge that closes the communications gap between animals and humans giving all parties a better understanding of each other bringing back the harmony in your life, household, stables, pens…

How This Works Depends greatly on how the animal is able to communicate. Domestic animals have a surprising vocabulary and those a little more advanced have an extensive vocabulary that even now gives me a chuckle in amazement at their intelligence.  Those animals not quite able to throw words can communicate with feelings and images which is just as effective.

What Would Be the Benefits of using an Animal Communicator?  

  • As A Communicator I Will Help You to Know If Your Animals are Feeling Well – do they have aches and pains? Where is the pain? This can be very useful when consulting with your Veterinarian (I am not a Veterinarian and will not make any diagnoses).    
  • As A Communicator, I Will Give You A Peace of Mind Knowing If They’re Feeling It’s Time For Them To Pass Over – knowing where their mind is and if there is something left for them to complete or say to you before they cross over.  
  • Is There Something Bothering Them? – causing perhaps some not so acceptable behavior. Sometimes unacceptable behavior is simply a miss-communication, if that is the case we can get to the WHY of the matter and turn things around from there.
  • Will Be Helpful To Know – Do they like their food or feed? Are they enjoying the workout you’re giving them or do they need a bit more to do? What about their sitter or trainer or boarding stables? 
My Sessions are Informative and Fun. What I’ve known since I was a little girl: that we are the keepers of all the animals great and small. Animals are wise and intuitive. Some even have a great sense of humor. 
For Your Peace of Mind, you can expect that at no time will I be asking for or excepting of information regarding private matters in your life.
T: 941-462-6572  –  E: lori@animalchit-chat.com


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